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Ops Team

Chris Huff

The Ops Team (short for Operations) helps to support and coordinate the various volunteer teams during our worship services.

Published: March 17, 2014 Updated: June 17, 2014

Nearly every service has something to occur that is unexpected.  From medical emergencies to unplanned (surprise!) lobby layout changes, we found that we needed a team that is specifically responsible for our coordination and reaction to those issues.  Even though the parking, greeting, and usher teams have clearly defined processes, they struggle to know how to coordinate with one another when encountering unexpected situations.  It is a common occurrence for us to be surprised in a service with overflow - and then to even overflow the overflow areas! When this happens, we need all the teams to work together to make our reaction appear seamless to our guests.

As one leader says: “We don’t make bad decisions…we just don’t make good decisions fast enough.” That's why we need an Ops Team to oversee these moments!

The attached document includes notes from a leader training event where the baton was being passed to a new leader.

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