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Lincoln on Leadership

A 3-Part Staff Leadership Lesson from Dan Reiland

Published: November 6, 2015 Updated: July 19, 2016

"Lincoln on Leadership” is 3-part staff leadership teaching from Executive Pastor Dan Reiland, often referred to as The Pastor's Coach, for his leadership e-newsletter by the same name.  All 3 lessons are based on the book Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times, by Donald T. Phillips. This teaching was delivered to 12Stone's Leadership Development Group (LDG).

Lesson 1 – “Leadership Requires Change” reminds us that to be leaders who are agents of change, leaders must also be continually changed by the power of God. This teaching walks leaders through preparing for personal inner change, responding to our need for change, and the process for inner change.

Lesson 2 – “People Change” examines five ways people respond differently to change, and also provides several insights on how to effectively lead change, successfully navigate transition, and relationally win with people during a transition.

Lesson 3 – “All Leaders Communicate… Not All Leaders Communicate Well” takes a candid look at understanding our ‘gift level’ as a communicator in both public and personal communication. The teaching provides practical steps to better public communication, as well as proven steps for healthy and productive personal leadership conversations.   

Everything you need – including speaker's notes, handouts, and group discussion questions – is included for you to customize and use with your own staff.  Please also download "How to Use an LDG Resource" for more information on LDG meetings and important notes on how to deliver this teaching.

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