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Small Group Leader Gathering Booklet

How to Chase God, Be Holy, Help People, and Make Progress

Published: November 7, 2016 Updated: December 16, 2016

This resource contains an 11-page booklet we used at a Small Group Leadership Gathering.  On a Saturday morning, leaders came together to hear from 4 of our pastors, who focused on the topics of "Chase God," "Be Holy," "Help People," and "Make Progress."  The booklet includes their teaching notes along with John Wesley's "Holy Club" rules and information on how to serve communion in a small group setting.  

During the 3-hour event, we included a light breakfast, 4 break-out sessions, worship, a time of reflection, a postcard writing opportunity (to a group member in need - collected and mailed by our staff), and a chance to name a prospective small group apprentice. The name of the prospect was turned into our staff so that we could pray over the possibility and later have small group coaches follow up with their leaders.

We hope you find this booklet helpful as you plan events and create training materials.  You are free to customize the booklet for use at your church.   

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