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How-to Experience

The First Step to Get Connected and Grow in Faith

Published: February 13, 2019 Updated: April 26, 2019

The How-To Experience is a 3-week roundtable conversation, which includes table discussion, workshop-style activities, and practical teaching content. The experience is open to everyone, but is specifically built and targeted for those who are considered "unengaged" in our church. It is the first step to becoming connected with others and growing in the faith. 

This resource is loaded with everything you'll need to duplicate the How-To Experience at your church. You are free to download and customize any of the artwork or slides for use at your church. 

Download Elements

Event Overview Documents

Participant & Host Guides

Table Host Training


Week 1 Resources

Week 1 Slides

Week 2 Resources

Week 2 Slides

Week 3 Resources

Week 3 Slides

Next Step Cards

Follow Up Documents

Logo Files

Slide Templates

Support Video (Play Week 1)


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