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Unlearning Religion

4-Week Series from the Sermon On The Mount.

Published: November 28, 2017 Updated: May 8, 2018

Unlearning Religion, a study from Matthew 7 (a part of The Sermon On The Mount), is a 4-week series on the topic of judging.

Half of learning something new is unlearning something old. We have to avoid wrong turns and follow the path laid out in scripture so that we can know the truth in God’s Word.

Week 1: "Judge Not" - What was intended to be a relationship with God, had become a religion about God.

Week 2: "Aim Higher" - Unlearn religion and relearn how to love. 

Week 3: "Love Causes Change" - When you come to faith in Jesus, you don’t change the bar, you change yourself!

Week 4: "Unlearning Religion Q&As" - PK digs deeper into the concepts of unlearning religion and not judging by diving into common questions.

This resource includes messages, sermon notes, small group study guides, graphics, project files, and support videos. You are welcome to download and edit these files for use at your church.

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