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A six-week series inviting everyone into a deeper practice of prayer. This became a pivotal season of spiritual growth for our entire congregation.

Published: March 3, 2014 Updated: June 17, 2014

This series is built around a quote from E.M. Bounds: "Only God can move mountains, but faith and prayer move God."  Each week builds upon the next and includes a specific weekly challenge to build our individual prayer lives.

Week 1: "Supernatural Power" - Life’s battle is physical and spiritual. I have to fight and pray. As I pray, the Supernatural invades the natural.  This is how I conquer! Scripture: Exodus17:8-16

Week 2: "Supernatural Enthusiasm" - Believe better, believe bigger, believe longer.  Scripture: Numbers 13-­14

Week 3:  "Supernatural Endurance" - Can you endure a desert?  Scripture: Joshua 14:6-15

Week 4: "Supernatural Provision" - When there is a need, and each individual understands his (or her) responsibility; and gives his all, regardless of the odds, then Jesus works a miracle. Scripture: Mark 6:30-­44

Week 5: "Supernatural Protection" - If you knew that God would supernaturally protect (as we pray) would you pray differently?  Scripture: Acts 12

Week 6:  "Supernatural Healing" - There are things we do know and things we don't know.  Scripture: James 5


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Alex MorrisonApril 16, 2014

Love this series!

Brad LilleyApril 16, 2014

I love this series as well!


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