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Enduring Adversity in 4 Quarters

Published: July 11, 2018 Updated: July 13, 2018

This message includes four perspectives (from four pastors) in one teaching on Enduring Adversity. The resource includes video and audio messages, a small group study guide, graphic and project files, and a promo video.  

1st Quarter (Sean Myers)

  • Adversity tests perspective.
  • We lose perspective when we lose sight of the promises of God.

2nd Quarter (Cameron Glasper)

  • God uses adversity for our advantage.

3rd Quarter (Steve Walton)

  • It’s not about being a perfect follower.
  • It’s about being a praying follower.
  • Wisdom isn’t just knowing what to do.
  • Wisdom is applying what you know to do.

4th Quarter (Kevin Myers)

  • Gut it out for good.
  • Chase the trophy that lasts.

 (Note: We moved our evening service one hour earlier (to 5:00PM) to encourage attendance before the big game, knowing attendance would be low among our primary audience, the lost.)

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