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Pray Like Jesus

If we knew what Jesus knew, we’d pray like Jesus prayed.

Published: June 20, 2018 Updated: April 26, 2019

Have you ever wondered why the disciples never asked Jesus how to preach or perform miracles – and all they asked Him was how to pray? Pray Like Jesus is a 4-week sermon series that's all about prayer, and wraps up with a meaningful town hall forum, in which people ask and receive answers for some of their deepest questions.

Week 1: "4 Things Jesus Never Knew" - If God is not able, willing, and wise, you have no reason to pray. But because He is, you have every reason to pray. Scripture: Matthew 6

Week 2: "Praying About Control" - Prayer is not how we secure control, it’s how we surrender control. Scripture: Matthew 6:9-10

Week 3: "Praying to Be Filled" - Praying is not for God. It's for you. Scripture: Matthew 6:9-13

Week 4: "Prayer Town Hall" - Joined by 12Stone small groups, Pastor Kevin digs deeper into the concepts of prayer and answers audience questions. Don't miss this powerful, impromtu conversation on prayer.

Included in this resource are messages, sermon notes, a graphic and project file, small group study guides, and a series bumper, which includes a recording of Pastor Leonard Ravenhill's words on prayer.

Note: To hear how Pastor Kevin responded to at least 10 more questions that weren't included in the Week 4 message, visit Prayer Town Hall. (When you get there, scroll to the bottom of the page for 13 video clips.)

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