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An Engaging, 5-Week Series with High Invitation Appeal

Published: July 8, 2016 Updated: September 24, 2016

In a world of “do this; don’t do that,” how can we know which rules really matter?  #MyLifeMyRules is a 5-week series designed to answer that very question.  While solidly rooted in Biblical truth, this series has a high fun-factor with mass appeal to both mature Christians and the spiritually-unresolved.  We delivered the series during our area's back-to-school month to build attendance momentum after summer vacations. And because of its fun, engaging nature, this series was an "easy invite" for regular attendees to invite friends and neighbors.

For an example of how we leveraged social media with this series, don't miss the "Social Media Graphics and Sample" section, and the support video called, "MyLifeMyRules - Input Request & Hashtags."

Week 1: "Do You Know the Rules About Rules?" - We don’t know how to live in a world with rules; AND we don’t know how to live in a world without rules. Which of the 10 Commandments needs to become your rule?  Scripture: Exodus 20, Deuteronomy 4

Week 2: "Why Does God Write Rules?" - Would you like to live in a world where YOU make the rules?  Scripture: Exodus 20; Psalm 119

Week 3: "Wasn’t Jesus a Rule Breaker?" -  What hope do I have since I stumble keeping God Made Rules? Scripture: Matthew 5:17-20

Week 4: "What’s the One Rule Worth Keeping?" - The one rule worth keeping? “Rule your Will:" The Will to Choose for Good, The Will to Train for Good, and The Will to Stand for Good.  Scripture: Matthew 6:31-34; II Kings 22-23

Week 5: "Does Heaven Have Any Rules?" -  How do you get in heaven? Jesus + Nothing = Heaven  Scripture: John 14, Acts 2

This resource includes the messages, sermon notes, graphics, project files, bumper videos, and promo videos. Also included as a support document is a letter our Senior Pastor wrote in response to the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage in June 2015. You are free to borrow from his wording or ideas as you respond to your congregation's questions about this topic.

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