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Mamapalooza (2014)

A Mother’s Day Message and Celebration

Published: July 21, 2014 Updated: August 22, 2018

Mamapalooza is both a teaching and an experience to demonstrate God’s love for mothers.  Special emphasis is placed on serving single mothers on this celebratory day. This resource contains the teaching, graphics, project files, and details on the experience elements of Mamapalooza.

In this message from Week 3 of "Raising Home Run Kids," Kevin Myers lays out three ways for parents to show their kids how to love others. The three steps to relationally capable kids are:

  1. Have Respect (value people)
  2. Show Compassion (value people without embracing their values)
  3. Make Friends (big circle and little circle friends)

Pastor Kevin Myers reflects on three qualities for creating "little circles."

  1. Do what you say.
  2. Give and take.
  3. Forgive and get better.

Reflect: Where are you being casual with relationally critical things?

The complete Mamapalooza experience included:
•    Colorful flags and amusing signage to pay compliments to moms as they entered the property
•    Greeters with special, coordinated “compliment” t-shirts
•    Photo booths for keepsake pictures with kids
•    Refreshments - Cupcakes for each mother. We ordered from The Cupcake People. (Local Bakery)
•    Gerbera daisies and Sunflower giveaway - one for each mom upon exit (We purchased flowers through Fifty Flowers.)
•    Outreach opportunity - Each single mother was given a Mother’s Day card with a cash gift. This was offered to all single moms, including guests. After the service, single moms went to a designated area to accept the gift in a show of support and kindness.


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