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Life Hacks

8-Week Relationship Series from James

Published: June 27, 2017 Updated: January 25, 2018

Life Hacks, a study on the book of James, is an 8-week series for tough times and rough relationships. 

Week 1: "Trials" - How to do life well through its inevitable trials and pressures - to live free under pressure and grow in maturity.  Scripture: James 1:1-12

Week 2: "Doers" - Faith without action is dead. Don’t tell me what you believe, show me!  Scripture: James 1:22-24, 27; 2:14-26

Week 3: "Favoritism" - You fight favoritism (and grow in character) by giving VIP treatment to those more vulnerable than you.  Scripture: James 2:1-13 

Week 4: "The Tongue" - Once words leave your mouth they are uncontainable and uncontrollable.  Scripture: James 3:3-6

Week 5: ​"When Tempted" - You can know the right thing, but do the wrong thing. When tempted, resist it. If you DO sin; own it quick, confess it quick, and go back to resistance.  Scripture: James 1:13-18; 4:1-3, 7-10

Week 6: ​"Who is Wise?" - Where are you getting your values and wisdom? What voice are you letting lead your life?  Scripture: James 3:13-18

Week 7: ​"Boasting" -  Need to Know: (2 Life Truths) What is unknown; your future. What is known; you are fragile. Need to Do: (3 Life Hacks) Give credit where it’s due. Pray through work plans. Talk like you’re dying vs. Divine. Scripture: James 4:13-17

Week 8: ​"Prayer" - Prayer is keeping company with God. Learning to pray is like learning to play chess. It won’t happen overnight. Pick a time. Pick a place. Ask Jesus to teach you how to pray.  Scripture: James 5:13-18

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