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Great and Awesome

A 5-Week Series with an Important Call to Action (Includes Materials from Vision Casting)

Published: June 27, 2016 Updated: January 31, 2017

"Great and Awesome" is a 5-week series from the Book of Nehemiah that challenges us: there are walls to raise, people to reach, and lives to rebuild.  [Elements of our new church vision (by the same name) were woven throughout this series; however, its size and scope were discussed at special Vision Conversations separate from our church services.  See note on rationale below.]  

Week 1: "The God Who Rebuilds Things" - God rebuilds broken things.  Let’s pick up a shovel for God’s cause. Scripture: Nehemiah 1-3

Week 2: "God Protects What Matters" - We all need walls to protect and gates to prosper, so let’s pick up a shovel and draw a sword for family.   Scripture: Nehemiah 4

Week 3: "Our God Who Overcomes" - To overcome half-way living, we must devote ourselves to conquer distractions and discouragement.   Scripture: Nehemiah 6

Week 4: "The God Who Answers Prayer" from Pastor Kevin Queen - If you want to make a difference bigger than you, you will face problems bigger than you.  Scripture: Nehemiah 1-5

Week 5: "Our God Who Celebrates" - After an intense season of building walls in order to build community, God commanded Jerusalem to celebrate!  Scripture: Nehemiah 12-13

Included in this resource are the weekly messages, sermon notes, graphics, a promo video, and an original song called, "Great and Awesome, Only You."  Additional resources are also included as relevant to the "Great & Awesome" vision cast. 

Important Note: Our Senior Pastor Kevin Myers chose to conduct separate Vision Conversations because such a large number of our service attendees are spiritually-unresolved and/or first-time guests.   By delivering vision details (along with relevant financial conversations) at separate events, our Sunday services were free of potentially off-putting discussions.  A recorded Vision Conversation is included in this resource for your review.  You are free to borrow from Pastor Kevin's language and ideas.  Also included below are videos explaining the five distinct expressions of our "Great & Awesome" vision and a fasting guide specific to this season.  Be sure to also visit the "Great & Awesome" web site, which we use to keep members abreast of progress on our initiatives. We pray this resource serves you well and includes some fresh ideas for the next time you cast vision.      

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