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Family Life

A 7-Week Sermon Series Packing Powerful Truth for Families

Published: December 31, 2014 Updated: September 16, 2016

"Family Life" is a 7-week series on family dynamics that asserts, "There is an elephant in the room, and it's become the family pet!"  Included in this resource are the video messages, sermon notes, small group study guides, and project files.   (Note: The window clings, as mentioned in Kevin Myers' book, Home Run, are included in the Project Files section.)

Week 1: "The Family Pet" - Let’s be candid: Pretense kills family life. Let’s be courageous: The Challenge is an elephant-free family, not a problem-free family. Confess your own elephant!  Scripture: II Samuel 7-19

Week 2: "The 'Be Little' Family" -  Let’s be candid: Belonging to a family and belittling out of jealousy can’t co-exist.  Let’s be courageous: Laugh at yourself instead of belittling others.  Scripture: I Samuel 16-17

Week 3: "Out of Bounds" -  Let’s be candid: The strength of family is tied to the strength of self-discipline. Let’s be courageous: Healthy family life is high affection/high discipline.  Scripture: I Kings 1:5-6

Week 4: "Dissatisfaction" - Let’s be candid: Every marriage knows seasons or cycles of dissatisfaction.  Every marriage does not know ‘how to’ mature through dissatisfaction.  Let’s be courageous: Marriage maturity starts/sustains with “No Options.” (Optional thinking leads to optional living.)  Scripture: Genesis 3 and John 15:1-8

Week 5: "Walking on Eggs" - A closer look at the impact David’s disobedience and dysfunction had on his family. Scripture: II Samuel 11-19

Week 6: "Wisdom" - David learned some critical lessons which had positive implications in his parenting later on.  Family mistakes are temporary unless we refuse to change.  Change to His wisdom. Scripture: I Kings 3:4-15 & 2:1-4

Week 7: "Two Family Secrets" - David knew two key secrets to family life and effectively smashed two elephants. David’s family was: formed in dependence on God, smashing the elephant of driven-ness and focused on giving, smashing the elephant of getting. Scripture: II Samuel 8 & 9

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