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A seven-week overview of the Bible designed to be an invitational series.

Published: February 5, 2014 Updated: August 29, 2014

“Everybody” is a momentum-building, invitational series that provides an overview of the Bible that is attractive to those who are spiritually “on the fence.” You can customize your invitational materials with everything from pocket-size invitations to mailers, and from car window clings to t-shirts. The messages in this series introduce remarkable parallels between the Old and New Testaments and deliver fresh insights into God’s plan of redemption. At 12Stone, we strategically deliver this series every two years with a fresh title and branding.  The pivotal Biblical parallels include:

Old Testament

  • God and Righteous Man in Paradise
  • Sin and Satan Enter
  • The World is Judged and Destroyed (Flood)
  • One World Government
  • The 12 Tribes of Israel (God's Holy People)

New Testament

  • The 12 Disciples (God's Holy People)
  • One World Government
  • The World is Judged and Destroyed (Fire)
  • Sin and Satan Exit
  • God and Redeemed Man in Paradise

Week 1: "In the Beginning" - God is without equal. Sin is dangerous yet everybody sins. Sin leads to death and we are to blame.  Scripture: Genesis 1-11

Week 2: "A Promising Turn" - Abraham’s journey (the 3 promises) encourages us to lean into God’s promises more than our pressures.  Scripture: Genesis 12-17

Week 3: "A Great Land" - We can learn from Moses. Never confuse in charge with in control. Always go after God’s agenda.  Scripture: Exodus 1-4, 20

Week 4: "Holy Impossible" - Take a look inside the Tabernacle. It’s impossible for God to be made unholy. It’s impossible to be made holy without the shedding of blood.  Scripture: Exodus 25-27, 40

Week 5: "Possible" - Jesus made three things possible: grace, salvation, faith.  Scripture: Luke 2 and 4, John 8, Matthew 26-28

Week 6: "The Church" - The Body of Christ should be dedicated to three goals: unity, purity, maturity.  Scripture: Acts 1-4

Week 7: "Home" - Jesus offers real hope to everybody. Unbelievers’ last hope will come in end times. Consider eternity; don’t wait until there is no hope.  Scripture: Revelation 1, 19-22

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