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Culture Shapers

How Does Culture Shape You? How Do You Shape It?

Published: September 29, 2014 Updated: September 30, 2014

"Culture Shapers" is a five-week series which answers questions about how cultural influences affect our lives, and how we, as believers, should affect our culture.  Included in this resource are videos, sermon notes, and a creative, fold-out mailer you can customize.

Week 1: "Comedy" - How Culture Shapes You: Making the Trivial Important (and by Default, Making the Important Trivial).  How You Shape Culture: Making the Truth Important.

Week 2: "Drama" - Life is beautiful: There is no enduring beauty without enduring boring. Sin is fun for a season: The ecstasy of sin leads to misery of life. Truth is fun for a life time: We have to re-shape the lie of boring into beauty.

Week 3: "Fashion" - Are we shaped by our culture to look better than we live?

Week 4: "Technology" - With all the benefits of technology, have we become so blurred by technology that we are confused about when to connect and when to disconnect?

Week 5: "Church" - The Church should stand for, and be known by the world for, two things: Generous Compassion and Generous Redemption.

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