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School Supply Drive

Materials and Samples for Back-to-School Outreach Campaign

Published: July 19, 2016 Updated: April 26, 2019

Interested in creating a summer outreach opportunity to benefit at-risk youth as they head back to school?  This resource contains the project files, a checklist of school supplies, frequently asked questions, a sample bulletin panel-ad, and a sample promo video.  (The promo video is 12Stone-specific, but we hope it gives you ideas and language to borrow from as you promote your own School Supply Drive.)     

For our School Supply Drive, we partnered with multiple, local organizations to determine what was needed. To publicize the drive and solicit items, our pastors promoted it on Sunday mornings (using their own call to action and playing the promo video below), and we also included information in our bulletin, on our web site, and on all social media channels. 

Because we collected supplies across nine campuses on one day, it was important to have a large volunteer base on the ready.  We used Sign-Up Genius for volunteers to select time-slots to serve.  Volunteers collected and boxed items, and then loaded the distribution trucks.  The organizations – not 12Stone – distributed the supplies allowing the organizations to leverage their pre-existing relationships and provide for the families in need. 

We pray this resource is helpful to you as you work to bless your local community!

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