Multi-Campus Systems and Processes (5.1 Papers) Files over 125MB must be downloaded individually.

Multi-Campus Systems and Processes (5.1 Papers)

Documentation on how we balance centralization and leadership among our various campuses

Published: February 1, 2016 Updated: March 14, 2016

Churches with multiple campus locations have to make important decisions about which systems and processes are centralized versus locally empowered.  If a “10” represents complete centralization (all locations are identical, like a Starbuck’s franchise) and “1” represents complete decentralization (all locations are independent, like a local coffee shop), our goal is to be “5.1” (slightly across the center balance).

The 5.1 Papers help us to maintain a unique balance of efficiency while protecting the culture throughout our multiple campuses. It allows us to have some centralization, while still leaving room for as much local leadership discretion as possible.

The main area of focus for these streamlining processes are in children’s, student’s, college, spiritual formations, creative arts and missions. Each ministry department is organized using the following headers:

                Decisions – Matters which have been decided upon and have documented expectations

                Discussions – Matters which are currently open to discussion

                Diversities – Matters where each campus has been given specific freedom to implement locally

You are free to download, customize and use these practices at your own church.

Download Elements

Section 1 - Business

Section 2 - Creative Arts

Section 3 - Spiritual Formation Team - Connections

Section 4 - Spiritual Formation Team - Group Life

Section 5 - Spiritual Formation Team - Guest Services

Section 6 - Children's Ministry

Section 7 - Student Ministry

Section 8 - Leadership Expansion

Section 9 - Outreach Ministry


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