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10 Ministry Practices

General List of Ministry Practices

Published: September 10, 2015 Updated: November 9, 2015

All successful organizations have mission, vision, and value statements to communicate with and align their employees.  We also produce statements of belief, background and history, and staff bios (see here for these type documents.)

At 12Stone, we also communicate to our staff about our “ministry practices”.  These practices are more internal type of training…where we share about our culture and how we work together to accomplish our work.

This resource includes 10 sample ministry practices that can be used within any church. We use them to train our residents and spark ideas on how to think about their ministry as they prepare for their future.  Perhaps you could find one or more that you would want to adapt to your organization.

Learn more about each practice in the document attached to this resource. You are free to use and edit these practices at your church.

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