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New Family Registration

Process and data collection card to register new children into worship services.

Published: March 17, 2014 Updated: June 17, 2014

Children’s Check-in has been an evolving process over the years.  The needs of first time visitors (who need attention and care) often compete with those regular participants who desire a rapid and streamlined process.

Our first automated check-in system was and served our needs for many years.  However, it was limited because:

  • It was not integrated into the church database, so the data had limited value.
  • It allowed families to create duplicate entries and attendance data was fragmented.

Now, our database does electronic check-in and supports electronic entry of new families.

However, we don’t use electronic check-in for new families.  We have decided to use this card instead.  Parents can complete the card while standing in line, which speeds up the process for them and allows us to give them more personal service.  Later, one of our volunteers will enter the card information into our database so they can quickly check-in on future visits.

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