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Child Dedication

Complete package to deliver a memorable infant/child dedication ceremony.

Published: February 26, 2014 Updated: November 14, 2016

In our theological circle, we view baptism as an adult profession of faith. Therefore, we do not baptize children and infants. Instead, we host a special service where parents bring their children (usually infants, but older children are regularly included) to proclaim their intention to raise their children as believers in Jesus Christ.  These services are held approximately once per quarter based on interest. (We use online registration to maintain our waiting list of parents.)

Below are all of our planning documents, service flows, videos, graphics, and sample audio files of actual services held at 12Stone.

Once the child enters Middle School (sixth grade), we begin allowing them to participate in baptism services (with parental permission).

Download Elements

Communication with Parents

Message and Service Flow




Parental Participation


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