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Performance Reviews

Evaluation Forms for Annual Reviews

Published: May 26, 2016 Updated: July 12, 2016

Each May, every employee of 12Stone Church is evaluated by their supervisor during a performance review, or what is sometimes referred to as a "coaching conversation."  This review process was recently reengineered into a paperless system using our online payroll and human resource software, Paycom.  Included in this resource are PDFs of what the employees and supervisors complete online.  

The process is simple.  First, the employee completes their section and rates their own performance.  Then, the supervisor meets with the employee face to face to discuss the previous year.  The supervisor then goes online, completes their section, and rates the employee's performance.  The form automatically calcuates a total score for the employee and provides space for the supervisor to give specific feedback to the employee.  The approval process is completed online, and the review is then stored in the employee's human resource records on Paycom.

Our ministry staff also completes Ministry Action Plans (MAPS) as part of their coaching conversations.  In the Ministry Action Plans resource, you will find examples of MAPS for various pastoral and leadership roles.  We hope you find these resources helpful as you create your own evaluation forms for performance reviews. Remember, you are free to borrow from our ideas and/or language to make these forms fit the needs of your church.

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