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12Days 12Ways Campaign

Mandy Cate

Case Study: Elaborate Christmas Campaign to Impact Community after Name Change

Published: February 13, 2014 Updated: June 17, 2014

After changing the name of our church, we ran a major campaign during the 2008 Christmas season to reintroduce ourselves to the community. We chose to give ourselves away lavishly.  Instead of spending money on a large campaign to open our new building, we decided to use those funds to make an impact on our community with the 12 Days 12 Ways campaign.  This was an opportunity for the community to nominate their “true love” (people they knew in need) for a Christmas they could not afford for themselves.  Gifts ranged from a car for a college student and a single mom, to groceries for a year, to gift cards. 

The marketing campaign included:  car wraps, t-shirts, billboards throughout Northeast Atlanta, a mall concert event, a mall kiosk for one month, mall banners, newspaper, pay-it-forward style cards, video, and a special nomination website including database functionality – 12days12ways.com (no longer accessible).

The cars being given away were on display at the Mall of Georgia along with kiosks manned by 12Stone volunteers to help people register nominations.  The name of the church was intentionally left off the campaign to help create interest and intrigue.  Many people were already suspicious that we were trying to scam them (smile).

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