Why did we make this site?

Because many other churches have given generously and invested in our growth as a church.  We desire to do likewise to show our gratitude for those acts of kindness.

How do I download the documents or files?

There are multiple ways to download.

  1. Click "download" hyperlink beside of an individual item
  2. Click the checkboxes of multiple items and then hit the "download" icon
  3. Click the "Download" icon to download all items attached to that resource

What is the "Bookmark"?

We believe that you will find resources that are not currently needed, but would be helpful in the future. It's a handy tool for marking your favorites and finding them quickly.

Why build a mobile site?

So that you can browse resources as you travel, bookmark the ones that look helpful to you, and easliy download them when you get back to the office.

What if I can't find what I am looking for?

Please use the "Suggest a Resource" link to help us add new content.

Can I edit and put my name on these documents?

You are invited to download, edit, and republish these documents with your own church logo or branding.  If you use "as is", please give 12Stone the copyright credit.  If you edit, please remove the 12Stone logo.  See Terms and Conditions for more details on the legal information.  If we purchased any copyrighted materials, this site will direct you to the source of the material so you can purchase for yourself or request permission to reuse. 

How often will you add new materials to this site?

We are adding materials on a weekly basis.  Soon, you will be able to register to receive emails when new content is added.



  1. What is NextGen?

    NextGen stands for our Next Generation Ministries. These include children's (birth through 5th grade), Middle School (6th though 8th grade), High School (9th through 12th grade), and College ministry teams. The pastors of each of these ministries report to our Director of NextGen Ministries.