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What We Use and Where We Purchase Them

Published: July 30, 2014 Updated: December 5, 2017

We are frequently asked about our Worship Center Bibles. There are a few things to know in general about Bible purchasing:

  1. Each version (NIV, King James, etc.) is owned by a publisher. You may want to deal directly with the publisher to make your purchase or you might want to work with a vendor who will work on your behalf with the publisher for your purchase.
  2. We use the New International Version (NIV) for various reasons chosen by our leadership.
  3. We use Wesleyan Publishing House to negotiate with the publisher. The publisher of the NIV and the format of the specific Bible we use has changed several times over the years and we find working with a specialist in publishing is much better than negotiating on our own. We contact our sales rep directly and they go chase down what we need for us. It is not an item in their cart.
  4. Bibles – being a paper product – are a commodity, therefore, the prices change and fluctuate every time you order them.

We use two versions of the NIV Bible that are identical except for the cover. We use the standard pew Bible that is available from the publisher “in stock” that is used under the seats in each of our auditoriums on Sundays and in Student Ministry. The pew Bibles need to be hardback and sturdy to handle wear and tear from week to week. 

Additionally, we have a custom designed version of the exact same print of the NIV version of the Bibles with a soft cover we had our designers create. The only difference in this Bible is the cover and an additional inside page that can be used to write on to gift the Bible to someone. The soft cover Bibles are free to anyone who needs a Bible for any reason. Each Sunday in the sermon as people are asked to turn to the Scriptures there is a statement made, “if you don’t have a Bible we want to make one available to you, please stop by guest services as you leave today and we have one for you, it is our gift to you, write your name in it and make it your own”.

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