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Facilities Management

Why We Outsource and What They Do

Published: April 21, 2017 Updated: April 21, 2017

We are regularly asked how we handle facilities management at 12Stone.  With multiple locations and events held simultaneously, we choose to outsource this important role to a third party.  They handle their own staffing and makes decisions on our behalf on any issues related to facility management.  Some of what they are responsible for includes:

  • building maintenance through a work order system
  • an online reservation calendar for all campuses and meeting rooms in which 12Stone staff submits requests  
  • the set-up/tear-down of tables, linens, chairs, disposal of trash, etc. for meetings and special events
  • storage and retrieval of items when needed
  • outsourcing large jobs like cleaning, landscaping, and painting to subcontractors, including management of the bidding process and service agreements

Our facilities management company can scale and shift in a way that we never could since they are designed to handle multiple locations and – while we never notice it – we are not their only client.  Our leadership plays point and sets the standards in which they should work (budgets, branding, hours, etc.), but we really rely on them to make it all work inside those parameters.  

The greatest benefit is that 12Stone staff is able to focus on ministry and relationships while our facilities management company focuses on what it does best. 

(Important Note: We've also found it saves us some money!)


Paul KellyMay 1, 2017

This is great confirming information as we move from 3 to 4 campuses we need to move in this direction. Is there a more detailed white paper on your findings?


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