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Church Branding

Mandy Cate

Church Branding after Name Change

Published: February 14, 2014 Updated: June 17, 2014

God guided us to change our name to 12Stone Church in 2007 marking a new beginning! Inspired from Joshua 4, “12Stone” served to reclaim our distinctiveness and gain ground in Biblical heritage. We crossed our own symbolic “Jordan River” taking possession of our Highway 20 campus and our expanding mission: to carry the favor of God as a force for good in our county and beyond.

Our name change from Crossroads Church to 12Stone paralleled moving into the new facility.  We invited a design team to rebrand our logo and materials.  We also hired a project manager to support the design team and assist in discovering and presenting the new identity to the congregation and community. This external support team was essential to maintain the excellence we desired.

Projects of the external support team included:  logo development, graphic standards guide, image library, master brochure, departmental brochure and communication system, signage, video, new website, and stationery.

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