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Background Check Process

Details on Our Electronic Background Check System

Published: February 29, 2016 Updated: May 26, 2016

At 12Stone, we require a Background Check for all employees and volunteers.  Our checks are run through an electronic form designed by our Background Check partner – VeriData Services.  

We use Ministry Platform (our church database) to determine who needs a background check, to generate an email containing a link to the form, and to pull back in basic data that marks the volunteer as clear (or not) in the database. The process runs relatively seemlessly behind the scenes and alleviates a great deal of staff involvement. 

Here's how the process typically works: 

  • Before sending someone an email with a link to the form, we verbally notify the volunteer via their team leader of their need for a background check. This ensures they can ask questions, and they have opportunity to disclose any results they might want to tell us about before the results arrive on their own. 
  • The form compiles the necessary information to run the check.  We do not retain any of the private data, such as Social Security Numbers.
  • The volunteer agrees to a provision on the form, which allows us to re-run the check at any time as long as they are serving at 12Stone.  We check for new results on all volunteers every three years, but should we need to run the report again, we can simply request it on their behalf. (An example of this would be if we needed to add an MVR (Motor Vehicle Record request), which we pull when we would like a volunteer to begin driving on our behalf in any capacity.
  • Once the volunteer completes the form, data funnels to Veridata for processing.
  • Results come back to 12Stone electronically and update volunteer records automatically in Ministry Platform.  

See our Background Check Policy for what types of checks are required for various positions, how we handle adverse results, and what we approve and do not approve. Also included below are a staff script for volunteers' frequently asked questions, an example of the email we send, a copy of the form, a flow chart of the process, and more.  

Note: This resource was meant solely as a means of sharing our process and its supporting materials with you. We hope you find the information helpful. It is imperative that you research local and state laws outling how you may legally conduct background checks in your area. In addition, there are other providers of online background check services, and you are encouraged to find the best company to meet your unique situation and budget.

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